Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The bottom tabs: from right to left, Profile, Notifications, Camera, My Cambassador, Home.

My Cambassador (Cam + Ambassador), is a tab to view posts from people of your nationality across different places.

It is a page located on the upper right part of the My Cambassador tab, that allows you to view posts from everyone within a country or city.

Posts last for 72 hours (3 days) only on the feed and get refreshed with newer content afterwards. Posts are saved on your profile however.

By clicking the "Edit Profile" button on the left side of your profile.

By clicking on the blue button in the upper right part of the homepage.

Comments are disabled at the moment. However you may react to a post through the like button.

By clicking the report button (...) on the lower left part of the post.

This feature makes sharing travel journeys easier through one profile, such as couples, friends, and family members. The extra profile photo is for this purpose.

At this time, the purpose of the followers tab is to show the user how many followers they have, not who follows them.

You don't have to enable location to browse in Cambassy, location is only required when making a post.

Cambassy uses location to determine the city your post was taken in, the exact location of the post won't be used.

The iOS mapping system sets the location of the post as "unknown city" if the location is not a manor city. For Example, photos taken in villages, suburbs, and highways tend to show as unknown locations.