About Cambassy

  1. What is Cambassy?

    Cambassy is an app that allows you to view places in the eyes of people from your country, helping you view unique content.

  2. What does Cambassy mean?

    Cambassy is a play on the words Camera & Embassy, and users who represent their country are called Cambassadors.

  3. Why should I Cambassy?

    Cambassy improves how you view places. it's a new generation in social networking, that takes you to a new horizon.

  4. How can I use Cambassy?

    Everyone can use Cambassy to view a unique angle of the world. Travelers, Expats, and International Students will find Cambassy a perfect platform to share their journey with people from their home country & the rest of the world, and anyone with the Cambassy app can view the journey of people from all over the world even if they never traveled!