About Cambassy

  1. What is Cambassy?

    Cambassy is a social travel app that allows you to view places in the eyes of people from your country (Cambassadors), helping you view unique content.

  2. What does Cambassy mean?

    Cambassy is a play on the words Camera & Embassy , and users who represent their country are called Cambassadors (Ambassadors).

  3. Why should I use Cambassy?

    For travel inspiration . Cambassy inspires you to travel to new places, by improving how you see them through your travel ambassadors.

  4. How can I use Cambassy?

    You can use Cambassy to become a travel ambassador to your country while traveling abroad, or you can browse travel experiences of other travel ambassadors from your country. Everyone can use Cambassy to view a unique angle of the world. Travelers, Expats , and International Students will find Cambassy a perfect platform to share their journey with people from their home country & the rest of the world, and anyone with the Cambassy app can view the journey of people from all over the world even if they never traveled! For example, a Japanese user living or travelling to Brazil can become a Japanese Cambassador to Brazil, and share the Brazilian travel experience with other Japanese back home.